Paying it Forward

On Tuesday, CASuates hauled themselves out of their post- graduation lie in to come to school to share some of their expertise and experiences of CAS with grade 10 students. Because…. in August, grade 10s.. you’ll be starting your very own individualized experiential learning program! Oh yes, the world of DP Creativity, Activity and Service awaits…

Hold on to your seats! 🙂IMG_3632

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A Huge THANK YOU to Fatema D, Mahima, Nikita, Rihaab and Sumana for your passion and mentorship!

The 2016 CAS Award goes to….

The CAS Award is given to the student in the graduating class who has contributed to community through exemplary participation in a range of collaborative projects that span Creativity, Action and Service. The student has been a role model for peers throughout their experiential learning journey due to their responsible decision-making and problem solving, excellent interpersonal skills and reflective approach. The recipient of this award is committed to bringing about positive change.

DSC_0282 (2)Congratulations Fatema Dhanani for your outstanding contributions to community through your CAS journey!

Want to learn more about Fatema’s CAS learning? Check out her portfolio here. 

Read the CAS Award Speech delivered at graduation ceremony here. 

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Five Fabulous Self-initiated CAS Projects from Grade 11!


** Here are just two of the beautiful portraits Isabel has produced in order to raise funds for a school for the blind.

WHY? “I have a love of drawing and had drawn a friend for an Art project. Many people asked me if I could do the same for them and I saw this as a fundraising opportunity. I believe that funding for the blind is worthwhile as blind people do not see the beauty that we see in the world. I want to let those who can see, see the beauty in themselves while trying to help those who cannot.”

Read more about Isabel’s process HERE. 

** Annie has been spending her Saturday’s sharing The Beauty of Dance with girls from Bethsaida School

Annie’s initial project focus: “To explain to high school girls the necessity of exercise antumblr_o4wb1junZT1uh2gwgo1_500d how dance is one of the best ways to be healthy physically. As well as providing them with information about different dances through workshops and opening them up to different cultures and their dances. And by the end of the year to have an event where the girls can show what they haveWhiteBackgroundSaturdayArtsOutLoudPoster learnt.”

Show some support for Annie and her Bethsaida Dance Group when they perform @ ARTS OUT LOUD on May 14th!



** Have you got your hands on the first edition of TwigARTS Collaboration? The All-new literary magazine produced by chief editors Samana and Annie! (yep, that CAStar again!) Read the first edition ONLINE HERE! 

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** Read all about Zahra’s Blessing Bags for the Burnt, supporting those in need at Muhimbili Hospital. And as a continuation of her GISS project, she will be introducing A Litre of Light into the Nyarugusu refugee camp in collaboration with UNHCR over the break!

** And congratulations to Millie on her continued support of Art at Mama Tecla’s Orphanage in Ifakara! Millie spent a week working with the children last October and has since stayed in touch and provided them with more Art 1762385materials.

WHY?The School curriculum in government schools does not include art as a subject. As a keen artist myself I want to give children the opportunity to enjoy a creative artistic experience.”



Read all about Millie’s CAS project HERE.






And there are plenty more projects to celebrate…. More highlights next week 🙂

Go TwiCAS!

Asanteni Class of 2016…

… for a wonderful #Hapa CASi Tu celebration. The Hard Court was bursting at the seams with creativity, action and service highlights. Fishing with Jack, Rihaab and her mad yoga skills, Sara Luz teaching self defense, Inaara+ Kelly mixing up a mean hummus, Changels giving impassioned accounts of their service projects, puzzles, games, spikes and balls of various sizes…! This was a great testament to the CAStasticness that is the Class of 2016!

And… don’t get me started on the performance part of the evening. Our MC supreme, Cecila Z opened up with a brilliant spoken word piece… (spoken word wonderfulness punctuated the programme). Das Dope Beans killed it, the black box theatre company’s metatheatre (ACT-OR, slap of the forehead) had us all in stitches, and we were wowed with our musician’s skills.. and don’t forget the irish dancing and the hijabi fashion show.

My, how much you’ve learned through CAS, how much we’ve all learned!

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#Hapa CASi Tu


On Tuesday 12th April, from 5-7pm, the class of 2016 proudly presents…

#Hapa CASi Tu.  

Karibuni sana to celebrate and learn about their CAS experiences in what promises to be a learning-packed gala.

Until then, read about some of our CAStars exemplary CAStasticness through the blogs below:

Want to see the inner workings of an exemplary award-winning, service-oriented CAStar’s process? Check out evidence of SAKINA’S CASTABULOUS LEARNING.

Want to read about an Eco Warrior who just can’t get enough of CAS? Read MITI’S BLOG. 

Want to gain an insight on Ishmael Beah’s impact on a CAStar? Read LARA’s THOUGHTS



And here are some highlights from ManageBac:

“I feel that CAS is a great process, in developing us and nurturing us for the future, it literally prepares you for the future. Keeping up with fitness, giving back to the community, and constant spontaneous challenging activity it is the perfect combination. CAS teaches us how to work with people which is so crucial to life in general, we all will have to work with everyone, some people who are lazy, some people who are hard working, some people who cannot communicate, some people who communicate really well and CAS gives us a glimpse of reality. It shows us how to work efficiently and in collaboration, with a balanced and ethical angle. Through CAS we learn how to really be a leader and what it means to take responsibility” (Ali Jivraj)

“Most people say that cutting down trees is killing the lungs of our earth but most people also don’t know that algae and other ocean plants produce up to 70-80% of the air we breathe, so yes that giant ball of floating trash in the pacific, the several oil spills, and all the gunk we pump into the ocean, is us asphyxiating ourselves. I’ve learnt several things over the duration of this CAS project involving the environmental impacts of certain activities on our environment as well as new skills on video editing and scuba diving. This project took some time as it required me to plan several diving exhibitions in order to get the footage used. I wanted what we showed in our videos to be an authentic and personal interpretation of how things actually are in both Dar es Salaam as well as Zanzibar.” (Ingrid)


We are Ready!

Not much action on the CAS blog for a while, why? Because all of the Campus CAStasticness has been working towards this point… Oh, yes. FUNGUKA: ARE YOU READY?

Ishmael Beah clearly is


International School of Kenya are too!


As are Service Site Leaders…


Check out the Delegate’s Handbook Here. 


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CasArtists! Don’t miss out!

WCT stands for Wachata Crew Tanzania and the WCT crew was founded in August 2008. Mejah Mbuya will be heading up this day where you will learn what true graffiti urban art is vs. what it is not (vandalism). He and his crew, WCT crew, will teach participants various techniques for getting cool effects in spray paint.


WCT crew is the one and only graffiti team in Tanzania consisting of four members: Mejah Mbuya, Mawilla “local” Khamsini, Ahmed “Medy” Maubaka, and Hafiz “Kalasinga”. WCT crew has become the pioneer of the graffiti scene in Tanzania.

WCT crew has had two successful exhibitions in 2014 and 2015 at Nafasi Artspace where it’s studio is located as well. The WCT crew have collaborated with international graffiti artists like:  Kool Koor from New York/Brussels, Nard Star from Cape Town, Sela-1 from Germany, and international graffiti artists.

Click here for more info.

If you’re interested in Art, activism through creativity or Hip Hop Culture… THIS WORKSHOP IS FOR YOU!

The workshop will be happening on February 13th in B2 and the courtyard just outside, 9AM to 1PM. Sign up with Ms Vanek in B2. 

Come learn from the Wachata Crew Tanzania (WCT) crew who not only do graffiti art around Tanzania but around the world! Cost of the workshop is 40,000 TSH for Adults and 30,000 TSH for Students.