We will all miss the contributions this cohort of CAStars have made to our community. Be it writing and directing the HS play, coordinating the Yearbook, captaining sports teams with integrity, confronting crucial questions in MUN… each and every grade 12 student has grown through their CAS programs, learnt a lot and added value to our campus life.

READ about some CAS experiences here:

http://itsmycasblogdawg.tumblr.com/   https://ajourneythroughcas.wordpress.com/   http://vyettescas.tumblr.com/     http://pedwardscas.tumblr.com/   http://watchayushkicas.tumblr.com/

If you would like to SEE, HEAR and FEEL CAS experiences, come to our CAS CELEBRATION on the 14th April in the Hard Court!

celebrate CAS 15