Yesterday we received the great news that CAStars Alishah and Steffi have been awarded the AISA Student Service Leader Award for their hard work initiating and co-leading the Changels project. As well as this prestigious title, these Changels have been awarded $1500 prize money, to invest in their service project!

Here is an extract from the nomination that was submitted to AISA:

“Steffi and Alishah met each other in August and connected through a conversation at the Diploma retreat about interests and passions. Both acutely aware of the dangers of the international school ‘bubble’, wanted to learn with girls their age living in the same city receiving education at a totally different school. They recognized what they wanted to share but also had an understanding of how much they had to learn themselves too. And thus started planning how they could make this happen. After reaching out to local staff and members of their community, they wrote letters to headmistresses of potential partner schools and hit jackpot with Zanaki Secondary School for girls. From the very beginning, their approach, communication, thorough investigation and preparation before taking action has been exemplary. They are in their third month of weekly sessions with a group of girls from Zanaki. They are purposeful in their approach and the collaborative work that they are doing is goal-focused and also a lot of fun for all involved.

Changels Goals: 1. To inspire confidence, daring and open-mindedness 2. To educate girls about some important global issues, 3. To share examples of different female leaders around the world, 4. To initiate the idea of ‘stepping up and stepping out’, 5. To transfer micro-financing skills and develop them so that all can make use of them, 6. To facilitate interactive sessions (such as cooking and sports) to establish an understanding between both groups.”

Keep up the great work, Changels!