WCT stands for Wachata Crew Tanzania and the WCT crew was founded in August 2008. Mejah Mbuya will be heading up this day where you will learn what true graffiti urban art is vs. what it is not (vandalism). He and his crew, WCT crew, will teach participants various techniques for getting cool effects in spray paint.


WCT crew is the one and only graffiti team in Tanzania consisting of four members: Mejah Mbuya, Mawilla “local” Khamsini, Ahmed “Medy” Maubaka, and Hafiz “Kalasinga”. WCT crew has become the pioneer of the graffiti scene in Tanzania.

WCT crew has had two successful exhibitions in 2014 and 2015 at Nafasi Artspace where it’s studio is located as well. The WCT crew have collaborated with international graffiti artists like:  Kool Koor from New York/Brussels, Nard Star from Cape Town, Sela-1 from Germany, and international graffiti artists.

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If you’re interested in Art, activism through creativity or Hip Hop Culture… THIS WORKSHOP IS FOR YOU!

The workshop will be happening on February 13th in B2 and the courtyard just outside, 9AM to 1PM. Sign up with Ms Vanek in B2. 

Come learn from the Wachata Crew Tanzania (WCT) crew who not only do graffiti art around Tanzania but around the world! Cost of the workshop is 40,000 TSH for Adults and 30,000 TSH for Students.