On Tuesday 12th April, from 5-7pm, the class of 2016 proudly presents…

#Hapa CASi Tu.  

Karibuni sana to celebrate and learn about their CAS experiences in what promises to be a learning-packed gala.

Until then, read about some of our CAStars exemplary CAStasticness through the blogs below:

Want to see the inner workings of an exemplary award-winning, service-oriented CAStar’s process? Check out evidence of SAKINA’S CASTABULOUS LEARNING.

Want to read about an Eco Warrior who just can’t get enough of CAS? Read MITI’S BLOG. 

Want to gain an insight on Ishmael Beah’s impact on a CAStar? Read LARA’s THOUGHTS



And here are some highlights from ManageBac:

“I feel that CAS is a great process, in developing us and nurturing us for the future, it literally prepares you for the future. Keeping up with fitness, giving back to the community, and constant spontaneous challenging activity it is the perfect combination. CAS teaches us how to work with people which is so crucial to life in general, we all will have to work with everyone, some people who are lazy, some people who are hard working, some people who cannot communicate, some people who communicate really well and CAS gives us a glimpse of reality. It shows us how to work efficiently and in collaboration, with a balanced and ethical angle. Through CAS we learn how to really be a leader and what it means to take responsibility” (Ali Jivraj)

“Most people say that cutting down trees is killing the lungs of our earth but most people also don’t know that algae and other ocean plants produce up to 70-80% of the air we breathe, so yes that giant ball of floating trash in the pacific, the several oil spills, and all the gunk we pump into the ocean, is us asphyxiating ourselves. I’ve learnt several things over the duration of this CAS project involving the environmental impacts of certain activities on our environment as well as new skills on video editing and scuba diving. This project took some time as it required me to plan several diving exhibitions in order to get the footage used. I wanted what we showed in our videos to be an authentic and personal interpretation of how things actually are in both Dar es Salaam as well as Zanzibar.” (Ingrid)