… for a wonderful #Hapa CASi Tu celebration. The Hard Court was bursting at the seams with creativity, action and service highlights. Fishing with Jack, Rihaab and her mad yoga skills, Sara Luz teaching self defense, Inaara+ Kelly mixing up a mean hummus, Changels giving impassioned accounts of their service projects, puzzles, games, spikes and balls of various sizes…! This was a great testament to the CAStasticness that is the Class of 2016!

And… don’t get me started on the performance part of the evening. Our MC supreme, Cecila Z opened up with a brilliant spoken word piece… (spoken word wonderfulness punctuated the programme). Das Dope Beans killed it, the black box theatre company’s metatheatre (ACT-OR, slap of the forehead) had us all in stitches, and we were wowed with our musician’s skills.. and don’t forget the irish dancing and the hijabi fashion show.

My, how much you’ve learned through CAS, how much we’ve all learned!

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