** Here are just two of the beautiful portraits Isabel has produced in order to raise funds for a school for the blind.

WHY? “I have a love of drawing and had drawn a friend for an Art project. Many people asked me if I could do the same for them and I saw this as a fundraising opportunity. I believe that funding for the blind is worthwhile as blind people do not see the beauty that we see in the world. I want to let those who can see, see the beauty in themselves while trying to help those who cannot.”

Read more about Isabel’s process HERE. 

** Annie has been spending her Saturday’s sharing The Beauty of Dance with girls from Bethsaida School

Annie’s initial project focus: “To explain to high school girls the necessity of exercise antumblr_o4wb1junZT1uh2gwgo1_500d how dance is one of the best ways to be healthy physically. As well as providing them with information about different dances through workshops and opening them up to different cultures and their dances. And by the end of the year to have an event where the girls can show what they haveWhiteBackgroundSaturdayArtsOutLoudPoster learnt.”

Show some support for Annie and her Bethsaida Dance Group when they perform @ ARTS OUT LOUD on May 14th!



** Have you got your hands on the first edition of TwigARTS Collaboration? The All-new literary magazine produced by chief editors Samana and Annie! (yep, that CAStar again!) Read the first edition ONLINE HERE! 

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** Read all about Zahra’s Blessing Bags for the Burnt, supporting those in need at Muhimbili Hospital. And as a continuation of her GISS project, she will be introducing A Litre of Light into the Nyarugusu refugee camp in collaboration with UNHCR over the break!

** And congratulations to Millie on her continued support of Art at Mama Tecla’s Orphanage in Ifakara! Millie spent a week working with the children last October and has since stayed in touch and provided them with more Art 1762385materials.

WHY?The School curriculum in government schools does not include art as a subject. As a keen artist myself I want to give children the opportunity to enjoy a creative artistic experience.”



Read all about Millie’s CAS project HERE.






And there are plenty more projects to celebrate…. More highlights next week 🙂

Go TwiCAS!