Activities on Offer

There are tons of activities on offer for you to choose from when designing your CAS programme. Check out the options and watch student-made videos of all of the community action groups on this page too!

You are required to participate in at least three activities or projects, consistently, throughout your two year IB course. However, you are not restricted to the options above…

If you would like to start your own club, project or service option, please submit an Independent CAS Proposal Form for approval.

And remember, there are lots of activities, groups and clubs that will involve you in more than one aspect of the CAS trinity, as:

Creativity is where you get to use your imagination to solve problems or design solutions and to express yourself through performance and the arts.

Action has to do with physical activity, sports and work that requires physical exertion.

Service can mean involvement and leadership in the community service projects taking place around IST or of your own making.  Projects must be of benefit to other people or the environment and to you!

Here are some interesting articles about community outreach to inspire you:

Does Creative Outreach make a difference?

Forward Tutoring

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